Breathing Technique For Emotional Balance

Breathing Technique

How can a breathing technique change the state of your emotions within minutes?

It’s easy when you understand your primary emotions.

Everyone learns at school that there are three primary colours – yellow, blue and red. Well, there are three primary emotions, too – fear, sorrow and anger.

YELLOW – fear (if you’re afraid – people call you “yellow”)

BLUE – sorrow (if you’re sad – you say “I’m feeling blue”)

RED – anger (if you’re angry – you say “I saw red”)

Now … it’s an interesting exercise to consider breaking these primary emotions down into sub-emotions.

For example:

  • fear can be broken down into anxiety, terror, phobias
  • sorrow can be broken down into – melancholy, depression, grief … and
  • anger can be broken down into – jealousy, envy, revenge

Journal your observations

So … after you’ve had a think about this, its a great tool to understanding yourself to start a journal, and record your observations about your dominant emotions each day.

Now, if you’re having trouble identifying your primary emotion at any time, start by asking yourself:

“What colour do I relate to?”

Rather than trying to identify and name your feeling.

This will give you a clue as to what you are really feeling.

Another clue to understanding what your primary emotion is in any moment is to take a minute to observe your breathing.

  • Fear – you will be barely breathing in or out;
  • Sorrow – you will be taking a long, hard, fast, breath in, but barely breathing out;
  • Anger – you will be taking a shallow breath in, but a long, hard, fast breath out.

Keep a journal of your observations about your emotions for at least a week before beginning this technique.

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Simple breathing technique

To begin practicing this simple breathing technique … it’s best to be sitting comfortably either in a meditation pose or on a chair.

Now … become conscious of your breath.

To do this … start by focusing on a point at the front of your nose and your top lip.

While doing this:-

  • breathe steadily in filling your lungs from the bottom to the top to the count of 10; and
  • steadily let the breath all the way out, completely emptying your lungs to the count of 10.

Continue this process for 5 minutes.

You will be amazed at how this simple breathing technique will balance your emotions. With practice you will be able to control any out of control emotional outbursts, and calmly and effectively deal with any situation life delivers to you.

By practicing this technique every day for five minutes, you will be delighted at how every area of your world changes for the better.

Keep recording your emotions in your journal each day.


At the end of a month (ie., 1 week before and 3 weeks after commencing the breathing technique), re-read your observation journal and you will be astounded at how you have changed.

I have asked you to continue recording your observations for 3 weeks, because it is known that any habit can be created in 21 days. You will have created the habit of breathing fully in this time.

Do you agree with the following?

It is no accident that the “old wives tale” tells you to count to ten before speaking in anger.

Think about it!

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