What Is Energy Healing?

Today I want to talk about energy healing.

Over the last 25 years, I have developed my own unique way of doing energy healing and what I mean by this is where I put my hands on a person or where I allow my mind to touch their mind and create a healing result.

What I have discovered is that the body actually responds to images and have concluded that the language of the body is communicated via images rather than words. So… if you relate to someone’s body with an image, that body will receive the communication and it will have an impact on them.

Hands On Healing Work

When I do hands on healing work, I put my hands on the body, front and back, so that the body part is in between my hands – this almost feels like a microwave situation where energy vibration is coming out of my hands and whatever is happening in the middle is being transformed by this energy.

Energy healing is really just vibration and the key is being able to tune into that frequency.

So… just as we have our radio stations all around the world. They send out a frequency… and we have a radio and turn the dial. You’ll hear all this static and then suddenly you hear someone’s voice. And… WOW!!!… You’ve tuned into that person who is maybe 1000 miles away and you can hear their voice!

The voice has come across the radio waves.

Energy healing is like that!

If you learn how to tune into another person’s energy and you transmit a vibration particularly for that person their body will receive it. And… that’s how spiritual healers, energy healers, vibrational healers create such amazing results.

We’re all working with vibration… and it is something that we can’t see with our eyes and it is something we can’t hear… but the body resonates with it… just like the radio picks up the radio transmission.

I have been able to work with people all around the world from Australia and they’ve had amazing results… and it’s because I’ve practiced and I’ve practiced on how to link to somebody else’s energy and create a tangible result.

Mostly I do this with visualization. Other people may do energy healing in a different way… but for me… all of my energy healing involves visualization and a way of connecting in with that person.

Protect Your Energy

The only caveat I have on that is – please protect your energy and protect the energy of the person you are working with… with a prayer of protection.

The one that I use is:

In the name of Jesus Christ
I call upon the Spirits of Light
To stand guard at the doorway of my soul
And to guide me in the ways of truth, love and light
And to protect me from the forces of Darkness and Deception

I have used this for 25 years… now, it’s not my prayer of protection. I learned this from a Reverend of a Spiritualist Church in Brisbane. Her name is Marilyn O’Sullivan and I’m forever grateful to her. I’ve used this prayer daily at times… and it has served me very well.

You don’t need to use that prayer. So long as when you do your energy healing work – you do it in God’s name; in the Divine Stream; within God’s protection – and you will be energetically safe and your client will be energetically safe.

Cutting The Energy Ties

When you are finished doing energy healing, it is a really good idea to cut that energy tie. Mostly, I run my hands under running water and I imagine that the ties are being cut as the water runs over my hands.

If you don’t cut the ties and you do healing regularly… what will happen is there will be a build up of residue of working with other people’s energy and you will notice you will become ill yourself. How do I know this? Because at times I didn’t follow my own advice and I became ill – just as I have observed other healers suffering this complication of energy work.

I know 100% that by clearing your energy on a daily basis… you will not only clear your energy from your clients but you will clear your energy from anyone who thinks of you or interacts with you or has come into your auric sphere on a daily basis.

Clearing your energy allows you to sleep well and truly heal and regenerate as your body is meant to during the time that you mind has gone somewhere else.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little lesson on energy healing.

Julie Lewin is an International Medical Intuitive and Meditation Teacher and has created a unique healing system by using creative and spontaneous visualization. She teaches these meditations on her website – http://www.besthealingmeditationonline.com

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