What Is A Medical Intuitive?

One of the many questions that people ask me is – “What is a medical intuitive?”

This can be many things, but let me explain to you what it is that I do as a medical intuitive.

Through a process that I have developed over the past 25 years I have found a way of going to other dimensions where different aspects of ourselves exist. What I do is blend into a person and feel their medical condition.

So … let’s say it is you – and you’re reading this now – I would need to know your name and your date of birth … I would then sit in a meditative state and travel to a particular dimension where I can see, feel and hear what is happening in your body from the past, present and future.

What that does for me is it gives me an insight into what is really going on for you and I can drill down into that and find the root cause of what is creating your illness, the thing that is not allowing you to operate or live at your optimum health and this can be physical illness, it can be emotional blockages … or it can even be spiritual in nature.

So, basically … a medical intuitive sees inside of people’s bodies and that allows them to help undo the blockages and heal the physical body. Now, as a medical intuitive, what I’ve done over the last 10-15 years is create some amazing templates that are duplicable by anyone who wants to use them.

Initially, these templates would always occur as a spontaneous template for a particular client and as time went on – I would wonder “What if I did that process for this other client – would I get the same result?” … and yes, absolutely – the results were similar … giving me the evidence that the templates can be repeated time and time again with different people!

Some of them though are unique for a particular client, but most of them are duplicable. And … it’s really amazing when you can use your mind and the faculty of memory … although you are using your memory in another way — to facilitate change in a human body or animal.

If you can think something and put your hand on someone’s body and their eyes go really wide and they say – “What are you doing to me?” … then the vision you are seeing is directly impacting on the person you are touching.

Now getting these results wasn’t enough for me – I wanted to know if I connected into somebody on the other side of the world and use the same faculty – could I affect their physical body, too. And … yes, I absolutely could – and the extraordinary thing about this is – when you go into these other dimensions that I speak of … time and distance doesn’t exist. Everything is as it is!

It doesn’t matter if the person is sitting in front of you or is on the other side of the world – in these realms of healing vibration – it doesn’t matter – because it is the same place regardless of physical distance from you – the medical intuitive/healer.

If you would like to know more about the skills of a medical intuitive … pop on over to my site www.best-healing-meditation-online.com and you’ll find some more information there.

Thanks for joining me.

Julie Lewin
International Medical Intuitive

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avatar Pablo Mamula December 3, 2010 at 9:17 pm

I found this post very fascinating. How can I find more information about this?


avatar admin December 6, 2010 at 6:19 am

If you keep coming back to this blog … you’ll find out more info … thanks for your feedback.


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