Scar Healing – A Powerful Healing Meditation

I want to talk to you about scar healing.  If you have ever had a scar … you’ll understand that it is something that you don’t want.

One of the worst consequences of having a scar is what we call keloid scarring.  This is when more cells are involved and it can become a raised, lumpy scar.  It can actually get quite painful as well.

So … what do we do to stop getting keloid scarring and to have a nice join of our skin back together?

One of the most common things that we can do is use vitamin E oil on the scar.  I know some people pierce vitamin E capsules and squeeze the oil onto their scar.

And, some people use Evening Primrose oil as well.

Massage the oil in gently while it is a new scar and then more rigorously as the scar is healing more and more, and that will have a big impact on the scar not being as nasty as it could have been.

I actually have an amazing healing technique that I have designed specifically for scarring and it heals the scar from the inside out.  When your scar heals from the inside out … you almost have no scar at all.

I’m not sure if you can see this clearly … but I have a scar along my neck there from having my thyroid removed … and in parts of the scar you can hardly tell that I have a scar there.  I used this technique on my scar and it made a huge difference.

This technique is similar to one that works really effectively on burns.  If you have a burn or scar that isn’t healing or hasn’t healed, there is also another element to my scar healing process that I do that dissolves the adhesions.

I’ll just tell you a little story … I had a lady come to me with her father for a medical intuitive scan and I worked with her father and we had some amazing results for him.  She was a really large lady and she’d had … oh my goodness … about 10-15 abdominal surgeries and she was a big mess of adhesions.

She worked on a computer and so everytime she turned her abdomen brushed against the desk.  She said it was so painful that it made her cry.  And … I remember saying to her … look I can fix that for you in a few minutes and I reached forward to put my hands on her stomach and she flinched away as if I had hit her.  I hadn’t even touched her at that stage.

So that was the depth of her pain that she was experiencing … I said, “I promise I won’t hurt you!”

I rested my hands … one behind … and one in the front and I did this particular visualisation that I do and perhaps I did that for 2 minutes.  No word of a lie, after I finished that process where she flinched away before I even touched her abdomen she pushed her hand into her abdomen up to her wrist.

She said, “There is no pain!”

Now, if you have abdominal scarring … if you have a scar that is causing you pain … or if you’re about to have surgery and you don’t want to have a bad scar afterwards you might consider the possibility of using your mind to have a healthy scar.

For further information about the scar healing meditation.

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avatar Julio R September 2, 2011 at 12:51 pm

Goodmorming i’m Julio,
i’ve got recently a scar on the nose, it’s not fresh … it’s 2-3 months old.. i injured it with an acid in June. Is it possible with this technique and a long work to improve the scar tissue and appearance???

Thank you very much for your kind Attention,



avatar admin September 2, 2011 at 10:49 pm

Hi Julio … great to hear from you … yes, this technique will work to improve your scar tissue and appearance. I recommend that you do this meditation every day at least once a day for several weeks – the more often you do it – the better your results. All the best … Julie


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