How To Reduce Stomach Bloating

Have you ever eaten something and pfwah!!!! your stomach just blows up and you feel uncomfortable … or even worse you get colicky pain in your abdomen?

I’ve read the food combining books … and know I should eat certain foods together … but sometimes I forget to be careful.  And that’s what happened this week.


Sardines For Lunch - Good For Your Bones

I’m not as young as I used to be and am looking after my bones … so I like to eat fish a few times a week.  This is mainly tuna in the small tins … but I thought for something different I would try some sardines in tomato sauce.  They weren’t that great – however, I ate them anyway on some multi-grain toast.

Do you ever wander around the house looking for something sweet, especially after you’ve eaten something healthy?  For me its one of the drawbacks of working from home … I just can’t duck out of the office to the shop and get something naughty to eat … and I don’t have a vending machine in my garage.

Someone once said to me … you’re not hungry if an apple won’t do – so have a drink of water.  I was prowling – looking for something sweet and couldn’t find anything 🙂 … that’s my secret to not putting on weight – no sweet stuff in the house … and so decided on an apple instead.

Bad move after the sardines on toast … what was I thinking !!!!!

Within 20 minutes … and this is no exaggeration … my normally flat stomach had blown out to look the size of a 6 month pregnancy – it was not a fun time!!!  I was full of colic and my heart went out to babies afflicted by this curse.

Thank goodness … I’m a healer … after squirming around for half an hour trying to work, but really too distracted to do anything very effective –  I remembered I do have some strategies that might work.

You’ve got the picture … not a pretty one I know – but the solution was fabulous.

Alimentary Canal

Imagine a blue ball tracking through here

Standing tall – I placed my hands on either side of my painful abdomen – and imagined that I was swallowing a beautiful ball of royal blue light (about the size of a golf ball) and I tracked it down into my stomach … watched it do a couple of 360 loops and then it went down into my duodenum – did a swirl around there – and then down into the small intestine … through to the large intestine and out you know where.

I have a little rule when I use this healing template – if I get distracted by the pain – I go back to the beginning and start again … so I did this a couple of times and amazingly in minutes my poor swollen abdomen had softened and was going down quite quickly.  But the gripey pains were still there a bit.

Think Julie Think!!!

What did you do when Tash had colic as a baby?  Then I remembered … I used to dip her dummy into brandy and that would stop her screaming and kicking her legs in agony.  (This has been handed down by mother to daughter for generations in my family.)

So … next it was off to the cupboard hunting down the bottle of brandy. I knew we had some there for medicinal purposes. (If I could wiggle my eyebrows at you here, I would.)  Aaahhh … I found it – had a big mouthful.  Doesn’t it have a bit of a kick when it hits the stomach straight?

Chocolate Bliss Balls

Yummy Chocolate Bliss Balls - Good For You, Too!

This helped a bit more … and then I remembered … camomile tea is soothing for the stomach.  Luckily I had some organic camomile bud tea in the cupboard and made a pot of that.  And let me say – it was the most delicious cup of camomile tea I’ve ever had … and it did its job.

Aaaahhhhh … pain all gone … tummy back to normal.

Moral of the story: don’t eat apples and sardines close together.  And have some  yummy chocolate goodies in the house that are good for you … and what’s even better you can make them yourself and save lots of money, too!

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