Crystals Healing Power

Crystals have been used for a variety of purposes for thousands of years … and over the last 30 years or so people have been using them for healing purposes. My first introduction to the power of crystals was at a crystal workshop where I learned:

  • how you can use crystals to transform the energy in an area that you live or work in
  • that you can pattern crystals with a particular vibration
  • the method for clearing crystals
  • when to use what crystals … and
  • where not to use your crystals

This totally fascinated me and captured my attention … so after the workshop, I started an experiment. And this is something that I strongly encourage you to do as well. Experiment with anything that I share with you. Turn it into something that you own and can really relate to.

What I discovered was that it really is true … different crystals have different vibrations and they create different results. One of the crystals that I really love working with is the amethyst crystal.

Maybe it is the purple and the violet that enhances spiritual development… and I found that when I held an amethyst crystal in my hand – I was able to go to realms that I hadn’t even conceived of before. I explored deep into my own psyche … I encourage you to explore your spiritual well being with the help of this crystal.

Amethyst Crystal Purifies Water

I also found that by putting an amethyst crystal in the water jug … rather than purifying our water through a water purification process – by putting small amethyst crystals in our water jug purified our water.

An alchemical process occurred where all the chlorine and the flavour that comes from non-purified tap water (which can be quite unpleasant) … was removed from the water and it was very delicious to drink.

We’ve purified our water this way for some 25 years.

Patterning Crystals

Now, one of the things that I experimented with – and this is something that you can do as well – was to hold a crystal in my hand and imagine that the absolutely perfect vibration for the owner of the crystal would descend from the heavens through my physical body and vibrationally empower the crystal so that the owner of the crystal would feel the effects of that vibration.

Interestingly, one of my clients existed in a place where panic and overwhelm was just on the periphery of her existence and she felt that it would encroach on her and she would feel unsafe and unprotected at times.

I used a raw pink quartz crystal and vibrationally energised the crystal with safety, protection and love … an overwhelming love … like when you connect into the Divine Stream – and you feel that overwhelming love of God. I connected into that vibration while I held the crystals. I patterned 2 crystals for her … she put one in her house and one in her handbag so that she would feel safe and protected.

She could feel that vibration as soon as she walked in her front door. And if her handbag wasn’t close to her when she was out – she would feel the separation from that protection energy.

Empowered Crystal Changed A Life

So what does this mean? Vibrationally empowering a crystal that you love and having it close by will make a tremendous difference in you and the way you feel. Try it, today.

Now … there was another lady whom I had advised that she needed to go and see her doctor about her bowels. She said, “Julie, I don’t have a problem with my bowels.” I said to her that I was feeling very strongly that this was something that she needed to do.

She said, “No … I don’t need to do that, but I will get you to pattern a crystal for me.” So, she sent the crystal from the other side of the country and I held the crystal and I put the pattern into it and posted it back to her.

As soon as she opened the packet and held her crystal, she felt an overwhelming compulsion to ring her doctor and make and appointment to have her bowel checked. She was blown away by this result.

Although, I hadn’t put a conscious vibration in her crystal inspiring her to do this … she received the vibration that intuitively came through for her and it turned out that she had rectal cancer. If she hadn’t gone to the doctor when she did – there wouldn’t have been much that they could do for her and consequently she was able to have surgery and live a longer life.

So, this is the power of these amazing transmitting devices. And … if you can experiment and tune into using crystals and become sensitive to them you will absolutely love the results that you get.

DON’T Sleep With Crystals In Your Room

Now, I really need to say – don’t sleep with a whole bunch of crystals in your room. There is something that we call crystal chatter and they will affect the quality of your sleep. Some people have said that their crystals kept them awake at night. And that they had powerful, disturbing dreams that disturbed their sleep … or they found that their body, mind and soul was not being allowed to rest.

Be warned: this is the power of crystals. So, if you do have crystals in your bedroom and you are having a disturbed sleep … try taking them out, clearing the energy and popping them in another part of your house. You’ll be surprised at the difference this will make to your sleep.

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avatar Exquisite Crystals December 16, 2010 at 1:28 am

Crystals are an excellent way to take healing upon oneself. Crystal healing uses specific crystals to bring about healing and positive changes in the mind and body. The idea behind crystal healing is that gemstones carry vibrational rates, which can change a the vibrational rates of a person’s aura. There are hundreds of varieties of crystals for sale online that can be used to generate different healing effects, including manifestation quartz, cathedral quartz, aqua aura quartz, Lawrence Stoller crystal wands, tumbled stones and many more!


avatar admin December 16, 2010 at 1:47 am

Thanks so much for your comment … I agree with you – from my experience – the different crystals have very different vibrational rates – and if you can quiet your mind and body – you’ll be able to feel this tangibly … its an amazing feeling … and worth practising and experimenting with.


avatar Astrid Meijer May 15, 2013 at 5:15 am

Hi, thanks so much for this information about crystals. I just put a lovely amethyst into my water glass, to purify my water. It really does make it taste great.
I recently visited my two young nieces, both of whom suffer from nightmares, and fear of nightmares, after surviving a house fire and missing an absent father, who was stationed in Afghanistan for four years. I gave them amethyst and quartz angels, small enough to fit under their mattress or inside the pillow cases, and told them that the power of the crystal angels would take away their nightmares and protect them. The first morning after having their angels with them while they slept, I asked them how their night went and what they remembered about their dreams. I was very happy to hear that they both slept the entire night without fear, and even had happy, positive dreams. I can’t tell you how relieved I was to see their smiling faces! Just 24 hours earlier, they’d been tearfully telling me how nervous they were every single night. I believe that, since their belief and intention (and hope) was for peacefulness, they received it with open hearts. A wonderful end to the story!


avatar admin May 15, 2013 at 5:55 am

Astrid … you are very welcome. Thanks so much for sharing your story. I love that you gave the amethyst in the water a go … it really makes a difference. Thank you also your message about your nieces. This is a powerful story of overcoming fear with the help of crystal angels. If you have any other inspirational stories like this, please share them here. Blessings.


avatar dianna May 18, 2013 at 11:28 pm

can you use unpolished Amethyst to purify water or does it have to be polished?


avatar admin May 18, 2013 at 11:31 pm

I’ve used both Dianna … if you have unpolished Amethyst – use it. This is how we started.


avatar Destany Davis June 2, 2013 at 5:04 pm

My crystal book says amethyst has iron and aluminum in it how is it this doesn’t leak into the water? I too notice the taste difference and how I’ve been feeling since using amethyst and carnelian and clear quartz and rose quartz and amethyst in my water but is there any health risks?


avatar admin June 3, 2013 at 7:58 am

Hey Destany … that’s a great question … and one I don’t know the answer to. I hadn’t heard there was iron and aluminium in amethyst.


avatar Bernard November 4, 2013 at 1:57 am

I heard from an astrologer to be careful when buying crystals. Alot of “cheap” priced crystals out there are actually chemically induced to be a certain colour. Meaning they are not pure and natural crystals.

Does Julie feel the same thing about crystals out there? What tips do you have in choosing the quality crystals?


avatar admin December 5, 2013 at 12:07 pm

Hey Bernard … my views about choosing crystals are to feel their energy and choose what feels right to you.


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