Crystal Cleansing – Get The Most Out Of Your Crystals

There are several ways that you can carry out crystal cleansing … and I’m sure you’ll probably find other ways as well.

One of the most fun ways that I’ve heard is to take your crystals outside, dig up the Earth, plant your crystals in the Earth and cover them back over on the night of the full moon.  This will clear the energy and make them nice and clean for moving forward.

So … that’s one way.  But I’m going to put a caveat on that.  I’ve heard some stories about people who have said that when they’ve done this, their crystals have totally disappeared.  The Earth has actually consumed them.

Now, whether that is true or not – I don’t know … and whether they didn’t go back to the exact same spot or whether something transformative happened to those crystals is a mystery.  So, perhaps if you put your crystals in a basket and then bury that in the Earth eg., a wire basket that you would put hanging plants in — so you would just need to lift the basket up when done …  they should still be there in the morning when you go to collect them.

Another crystal cleansing method is to soak them overnight in salt water straight from the ocean.

If you don’t live close to the ocean, get some rock salt or Celtic sea salt and make up a solution, say 2 teaspoons in a 3 cups of water – and soak your crystals overnight in this salt solution.

Also, you could simply hold them under running water for 5 minutes.

Now … my favourite way is to simply put them in the rain.  If it is raining – put them out overnight and the rain will initiate the perfect crystal cleanse.

As you can see there are many ways that you can clear your crystals of vibrations that have built up over time that you don’t want there any longer.  And this is particularly important, if you use your crystals for energy work … for example, when you are using a special vibration in your crystals I recommend that you cleanse them regularly.

Now, when you do this, you will need to re-pattern or re-align them for further use.  And, at times …  it is a good thing to clear the old energy and patterns from your crystals … and move forward with fresh, new patterns.

What I’ve noticed is that sometimes, and this is not all the time, if you are working with a crystal that has a particular vibration it will absorb other vibrations and initiate energy clearing on your behalf.

However, the crystal doesn’t automatically release that accumulated vibration … you need to undertake regular  cleansing so that this stored vibration is then neutralised.  Does that make sense?

Well … I hope you’ve enjoyed learning a little bit about cleansing your crystals and I look forward to sharing some more tips with you soon.

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