Chakra Meditation: For The Beginner



Your health is precious and you want to take care of it as best you can. You’ll notice that many people are working towards getting the right balance of chemicals in their bodies to achieve optimum health. One of the other things to consider is that a large proportion of the population find it difficult to relax and get their emotions under control.

Anger Contributes To Poor Health

Unfortunately, anger can be one of the contributing factors to poor health … so this is one of the key emotions that you want to be keeping to a minimum as much as possible. In fact … it is reasonable to say that if you don’t need to be angry then don’t … that way you have more chance of maintaining your spiritual balance. This then helps you live in good health and be able to generate excellent healing quality when required by your body.

Today it seems that many people are not meditating with the purpose of balancing their emotions and their spirit through this practice. When you meditate regularly this can play a vital role in creating huge tangible benefits for your physically, mentally and emotionally. It’s true that when you meditate, you’ll find that you can relax more easily and control your emotions better. Interestingly, you’ll notice that you are not using your energy on being angry and you have more positive, harmonious experiences instead. It’s important to remember that of all the emotions … anger uses the most.

Control Your Emotions With Chakra Meditation

So … if you want to take control of your emotions, relax more, or you just go to that place where you experience complete oneness and unity, you’ll love the experience of doing a chakra meditation.

Chakra meditation is becoming more popular today because it has huge health benefits. Not only do you experience better health, but when you do a chakra meditation regularly – you’ll be much happier, too. This particular chakra meditation should be done every day for a minimum of 30 minutes to manifest spiritual healing and experience balanced, stable emotions.

Everyone can learn how to do this chakra meditation. It’s easy. Find yourself a quiet space where you know you won’t be interrupted for a minimum of 30 minutes … bring your imagination and the journey begins.

To begin with … it’s important for you to consider the concept of your body having seven major chakras. In Eastern cultures it is commonly known that to have good health – these seven chakras need to be kept balanced. These chakras are known as the crown (Shasrara), the brow or third eye (Ajna), the throat (Vishudda), the heart (Anahata), the navel (Manipura), the sacral (Svadisthana), and the root or base (Muladhara). In order for you to know how to facilitate spiritual balance and maintain optimum health you need to know how to open up these seven chakras properly.

Firstly, imagine there is a spinning light that is connect to each chakra. Start from the root or base chakra (Muladhara) and then slowly move your way up through to the crown chakra (Shasrara). Each chakra is represented by a color and you should learn these colors as follows:

Crown – Violet
Brows – or third eye – Indigo
Throat – Blue
Heart – Green (Emerald)
Navel – Yellow
Sacral – Orange
Root or base – Red

When doing this chakra meditation it is important to know that your breath plays a significant role in this meditation. Most yoga instructors will know how to teach you the proper steps to doing the chakra meditation so that you gain the maximum benefit physically, spiritually and emotionally from it. So visit your local yoga teacher for best results.

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avatar s August 12, 2014 at 12:04 pm

is it okay if we meditate on only 1 chakra or on every chakra


avatar admin August 17, 2014 at 9:05 am

When I meditate on my chakras I do each of them. However, if you want to do a focused meditation there is no reason I am aware of that you couldn’t do this.


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