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Healing Meditation CD

The healing meditations below have made a tremendous difference for the people who have purchased it … have a read and discover why I have created each of these healing meditations.  To buy the CD [yes it is a physical product and will be posted to you] – click on the image to the right or the price below.

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#1 – Introduction To Breath +
#2 – Sacred Breath

When you wake up in the recovery ward after surgery you will most likely have an oxygen mask over your nose and mouth.  This can be frightening and you may feel that you can’t breathe properly.  The oxygen is there to help you transition from being unconscious to being conscious and to help your body do its job of keeping you alive.

The best thing to do when you are feeling frightened is to focus on your breath.  To begin with you may only be able to concentrate on being aware of the air coming in through your nostrils and down the back of your throat.  Let the breath gently flow out through your mouth – this will make your diaphragm relax too and release any tension out of your body.

When you are comfortable with this, focus on being aware of your in-breath going down to the tops of your lungs and then letting the out-breath gently flow out through your mouth.

Your heart will now be settling down and you will be able to start breathing all the way down into your stomach – feel the energy of the breath permeate all the way down into your stomach.  And when you are ready let the breath gently flow out through your mouth. … [more on the CD]

#3 – Energy Protection

With this meditation you will be able to protect your energy from being zapped throughout the day and the night.  By the end of the meditation you will know how to keep your energy levels protected and not take on other people’s thoughts and feelings.  This includes the people who love you and care about you (and who worry about you) – and all the other people who you meet or pass in your daily activities.

#4 – Flower Balancing

This meditation was created spontaneously for a 9 year old girl in 1994 who was having an asthma attack in a consultation with me.  Within 5 minutes she was through the attack and breathing normally again.  I have gone on to use and teach this strategy for a variety of circumstances.

With this meditation you will be able to centre your horizontal and vertical energy.  What does this mean? I believe we have energy that vibrates in our body horizontally and vertically.  When this energy is out of balance you could experience such things as anxiety, nausea, difficulty breathing and feeling out of control.  By the end of the meditation you will know how to balance your horizontal and vertical energy and feel calm, reduce or eliminate nausea, breathe easily and feel balanced.

If you are in a crisis situation you may need to repeat this exercise frequently – even as often as every few minutes.

#5 – Theatre Protection Bubble

This is a healing meditation to create a protection bubble around the operating theatre, the surgeon and nurses, and the recovery ward.  This meditation has been designed specifically for you to feel safe during your surgery and for you to trust and know that you will have a positive recovery.  You need to use this meditation just before you leave the ward and are taken down to theatre.

#6 – Regeneration Journey

This is a healing meditation to create a calm, peaceful place for you to slip into during surgery and sleep.  In this place, your soul and your body will regenerate and rejuvenate so that when you wake up, you feel vital, alive and feeling in high spirits.  With this meditation you will be able to feel secure in the place you go when you are unconscious or asleep.  You need to use this meditation 5-10 minutes before you are given your anaesthetic or just before going to sleep.

#7 – Infection Protection

This is a healing meditation for you to protect yourself from infection or to assist your body fight infection.  With this meditation you will be able to program your immune system to keep anything that is not in the highest good of your body out of your blood stream.  You can use this meditation anytime you are concerned about having an infection or being vulnerable to infection – particularly if you need to stay in hospital for any reason.

When you do this meditation you are programming your immune system to protect you from infection.  If you are free from infection – you may only need to do it once; if you have an infection I would recommend you do it at least once a day – more if you intuitively feel you need to.

#8 – Pain Healing Matrix

This is a healing meditation to activate your pain healing matrix.  With this meditation you will be able to use the vibration of specific colours to assist with pain management.  You can use this meditation anytime you are feeling pain in your body.

To add a new dimension to initiating and facilitating your own healing program – hold a full glass of water while you listen to this meditation and then drink the water immediately after you have finished the meditation.  If you decide to do this extra step, make sure that you have the glass of water resting on a solid base eg., a tray on your lap or over your bed.

#9 – Scar Healing

This is a healing meditation to activate your healing cells.  With this meditation you will be able to initiate healing from the inside out where the surgeon has made his incision.  You will heal faster and have a neater, cleaner scar that is flexible and will eliminate or greatly reduce the incidence of adhesions.

#10 – Insomnia Obliterator

This is a healing meditation to activate your insomnia obliterator program.  With this meditation you will be able to use the strategy to not only go to sleep, but to return to sleep if you wake during the night.   Use this meditation anytime you want to go to sleep – whether it is night or day.

For this exercise you are going to imagine you are watching a very unusual movie.  If you can’t imagine or visualise – feel that you are sitting in the back row of the movies.  It’s an old movie theatre with the projector light streaming out of a window in the top of the back wall.  There are curtains hanging from floor to ceiling on either side of the white screen.  You choose and create whatever chair you want to sit in to watch your movie.

There is one rule that is very important to the success of this meditation.  If you are serious about having success, you must honour this rule.  The rule is that if you have any outside thoughts other than focusing completely on the meditation … you must return to the beginning of the exercise and start over with the colour RED.  For this reason I am going to give you the guidelines and you need to learn the process so that you can do the exercise properly.

Before you begin the exercise, if you don’t already know the colours of the rainbow, you will need to learn them.  They are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. The easy way to remember this is to memorise ROY-G-BIV.

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