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A psychic reading changed my life!

Julie Lewin - Medical Intuitive & Radio Personality

Hello! My name is Julie Lewin. Thank you for visiting me here today.

It’s true – a psychic reading changed my life in an hour. It took me on an incredible journey which I’m excited to share with you. At this website you’ll find out about all the amazing things this psychic reading led me to. I hope you’ll visit regularly to see what new things I’ve added which could help you, too.

Do you believe in synchronicity? I definitely do. And I believe you’ve arrived here for a reason and you’ll find what you’re looking for. Maybe I can give you a psychic reading that will change your life, too.

Thousands of people have been helped over the last 25 years – I hope I can help you, too.

I would say “GO FOR IT!” your life will change FOR THE BETTER and you will never look back! I’m so glad that I have met you Julie – I feel that you are one of my “five people you meet in heaven” and that I was meant to meet you so that I could find my right path in the world, the one God intended for me. I feel that the best way to describe what you do Julie is that you “lead people back to their true selves!”. While my life has changed dramatically since meeting you and interacting with you, I still feel like myself, I just feel like a better, happier, more fulfilled version of myself!

K. Whiting

Where the story begins!

My life has been and is about faith and trust. It has been an extraordinary journey of searching for God since my first memory Him at the age of 5.

As a seeker, I’ve experienced great happiness, love, pleasure, and achievement; and on the flipside I’ve experienced deep dark unhappiness, betrayal, felt unloved, unattractive, not worthy, isolated, lonely, depressed, and created many health challenges.

This story begins at age 25, and I’m married with a 7 month old daughter.

Lynne, my special childhood friend gifted me a one hour psychic reading. This hour changed my life forever. I was told of two pathways. The first half of the psychic reading being one pathway and summarized as follows:-

“This marriage will fail, you will remarry quickly, that marriage will fail, you will be very ill in your 30s and early 40s, you will have very few happy moments and die at 53.”

I recognized the truth in this reading and was relieved to hear the alternative pathway in the second half of the psychic reading:-

“This marriage will survive, you will be ill in your 30s and early 40s but overcome the illness, you will have many happy moments, but most importantly you have a special gift of x-ray vision and you can see inside people’s bodies. If you choose this pathway you will be of great benefit to the world and you will live into your 90s.”

How could I see inside of people’s bodies?

I didn’t know anything about being psychic, doing psychic readings or how this could even be possible. I had to explore this destiny because I wanted my marriage to work and for my daughter to grow up with her daddy. I started by studying naturopathy, beginning with nutrition.

When Natasha was 13 months old I woke up and said to my husband, “Do you want to have another baby.” He said, “Okay, if that’s what you want.” I said, “It’ll have to be this week, so that I can have the same doctor!”

Within a few days I was pregnant with our second child, Tristan (and the same doctor!). This second difficult pregnancy on top of the first, affected my health poorly. And poor health plus struggling with 2 little ones, resulted in chronic fatigue preventing me from continuing my study.

Along with my own health challenges the children experienced major health issues, too. They both had food allergies and intolerances, rare diseases, regular hospital visits, and required major surgery. Creativity was required when feeding and caring for them. Being a parent was an enormous challenge for me.

Not long after Tristan was born we moved to Canberra and I met my first teacher. Nancy introduced me to crystals, meditation and personal development through workshops and courses. I began meditating and my life started to change. I became more balanced emotionally and energetically.

My husband, Frank, could tell the moment he walked in the door in the afternoon whether I’d had an opportunity to meditate during the day. Sometimes, he would take the children for a walk so that I could meditate. I was a crazy woman otherwise 🙂

The Experiment

I experimented with a type of psychic reading by going inside bodies during meditation. (I later learned that this was called a medical intuitive psychic reading.) It seemed real to me. My father asked me to travel through his body. When I described what I saw, he said “That’s exactly how the doctor described my hiatus hernia.” I didn’t know he had a hernia.

The next night he asked me to travel through again. This time it was different. There was white liquid everywhere. I felt like a fraud. In the morning, Dad asked me again what I saw. I confessed to feeling like a failure and a fraud. “It was different this time with “white stuff” everywhere.” Dad was very surprised, as he had taken his Mucaine (white) medicine before lying down. This confirmed for me that I had discovered how to see inside a human body.

I meditated in earnest after this, asking God for directions. I was given one condition – to only enter the body of a person who invited me in. I believe I can still be accurate in my medical intuitive work, because I have honoured this condition.

“The Extraordinary”

In 1994 and 1996, I appeared on the television show “The Extraordinary” where I was tested on film doing these medical intuitive psychic readings telling people in other cities and countries where I believed they had problems in their bodies.

The response of the public was extraordinary. I worked full-time for 4 years, helping people around the world with psychic readings and energy healing until I became too ill myself to continue.

The prophecy was being fulfilled. I had already had a diseased gallbladder and diseased womb removed at 31 and 32. (At this stage of my psychic development, I could see the illness, but couldn’t heal it.)

The years of working energetically every day for other people had taken their toll. I lost weight dramatically. It was 9 months before lumps on my ovaries were diagnosed. After surgery to remove my ovaries, my doctor told me I was very lucky as one of the lumps was a benign tumour and if left would have turned to cancer. I felt very grateful and looked forward to a second chance.

Six weeks later, I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. At 40 years, I had managed to develop 4 thyroid diseases – multi-nodular goiter, Hashimoto’s, Plummer’s Disease and Cancer. I went back to theatre and had my thyroid removed.

The tumour was attached to my voice box nerve which was damaged during surgery. I lost my voice for a year. Speech therapy saved the day.

Why am I creating illness in my body?

With everything that I had learned on my metaphysical journey – I asked myself this question often.

This is a complicated question and one which I hope everyone who suffers from illness asks themselves.

I craved harmony and avoided conflict. Consequently, I suppressed my anger and fears in an attempt to create a peaceful life. I didn’t have an opinion except in a safe environment. By internalizing my anger and fear, it literally rotted my body.

Four throat diseases, 5 – if you count tonsillitis, was very in my face. I had to own up to this pattern of avoidance. This was a difficult and painful process. A major revelation was that my lack of boundaries with people was because I wanted to feel needed. Somehow I had linked feeling needed to being loved.

This lack of boundaries set up a pattern of giving all of my life force away to feed my need. It was my form of addiction and disease was the consequence.

I didn’t wake up from cancer surgery and understand all of this. In fact, I still had to deal with more surgery to remove an ovarian cyst the size of a grapefruit from my left ureter; make the discovery that gluten inflamed my bowel to the extent of causing blockages; growing a lump the size of a golf ball in my breast which I dealt with naturopathically; and growing tumours in my bowel.

Why didn’t you heal yourself?

People say to me, “Why didn’t you heal yourself?” The daily healing meditations I did kept me alive, giving me the opportunity to discover my pattern of neediness. Another discovery I made was that I was carrying deep soul sorrow. I feel this has been released now.

Self-understanding is a journey. When you understand what you do, you don’t do it anymore.

I have now established boundaries and wellness, and can share with you what I’ve learned on my journey.

I will show you how to do your own medical intuitive psychic reading.

What I did to survive!

1. Meditation

2. Creative visualisation

3. Spontaneous visualization

4. Prayer

5. Personal Development

6. Spiritual Study

7. Discipline, persistence, perseverance, dedication.

8. Asked for help.

9. Surgery.

10. Energy Healing

11. Journeyed within

12. Sacred art

13. Changed my perception of self

14. Past life regression

15. Nutritional supplements and organic food.

16. Stayed married to my husband. This was the most significant thing that helped me be alive today.

That psychic reading when I was 25 was one of the most important things that happened to me as an adult – because it gave me the guide posts to stay married … I am now happily married to the man who looked after me in my challenging journey of healing and self-discovery.

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avatar Maudie October 26, 2015 at 8:48 pm

Wow, thank you for sharing your journey and what you did through your journey! I have been to so many websites where they outline their journey yet did not share what they did on that journey. Your openness is refreshing. I also happen to love that you said that ‘staying to your husband was the most significant thing that helped you be alive today’….. There are so many people who believe in order to work on yourself or grow spiritually, you have to do it on your own. I think & feel that I might need to work with you 🙂 Blessings, Maudie


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